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Ford Fusion 2021

Vehicle Specifications

  • Starting from EGP585,000
  • 2.0L ENGINE
  • 240 HP POWER
  • 340 NM TORQUE

Interior Features

Lane Departure Warning

An advanced system to help you stay in lane A Lane-Keeping System uses a forward-looking camera to detect if you’re unintentionally drifting out of lane. Lane Keeping Alert then warns you by displaying a visual warning. If you're slow to react or don’t respond, Lane Keeping Aid can provide steering torque assistance to help guide you safely back into the right lane. The technology is designed for multi-lane roads (like motorways), so will automatically deactivate at speeds below 43mph or can be turned off manually.

BLIS Blind spot information System

Technology that sees what you can’t see A Blind Spot Information System can help you change lanes more safely. That’s because RADAR sensors scan the blind spots on either side of your vehicle. And if they detect a vehicle you can’t see, an orange light that’s clearly displayed in the corresponding side door mirror illuminates to warn you. 

  • Cross Traffic alert Spots the vehicles you might miss When you’re reversing out of a space and have limited visibility of the traffic situation, Cross Traffic Alert (part of the Blind Spot Information System) can detect oncoming vehicles and sound a warning. The technology illuminates a light in the wing mirror too: left or right depending on the direction of oncoming traffic.

Driver alert system

Driver Alert System tells you when you’re getting tired. Driver Alert System constantly monitors your driving behaviour and is designed to detect any changes that could be caused by fatigue. If the system identifies you’re becoming less vigilant, a warning icon appears in the display, suggesting you take a break. If your driving alertness further declines, the message is repeated and combined with a chime.

SONY Sound System

Get inside sophisticated sound The Premium Audio System by Sony with Clear Phase™ and Live Acoustics™ technologies is outfitted with leading-edge audio components for outstanding sound. At the core of the system are twelve perfectly placed, high-power speakers that produce crystal clear music like you’d hear at a live concert. And the new 500-Watt, high-power amplifier with high-performance DSP complements the system with an efficient power source that drives speaker output without straining. Every speaker is optimized for sensitivity, including the center and surround speakers, a subwoofer with an 8-inch driver and 12-liter enclosure for tight and full bass, door woofers, and chrome tweeters with acoustically transparent speaker grills that preserve sound integrity. We also built a host of supporting elements into the system in order to maximize sound quality and entertainment in your vehicle.

Exterior Features

EcoBoost Engine 2.0L

The 2021 Ford Fusion 240 HP ,370 NM Torque 2.0L Turbo EcoBoost engine delivers the performance and performance needed to make every ride an extraordinary experience . Be captivated by its elegance and power.

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