Starting from EGP470,000

Ford Focus Sedan 2022

Starting from EGP470,000

Vehicle Specifications

Interior Features

Let some sunshine in

Sunbathe all year round in the all new Focus that comes with a full-length panoramic roof that completely replaces the steel roof panel. The front half is power-operated and can tilt or slide right back, and a full-length, retractable sunshade lets you open the glass to get some fresh air while staying protected from the sun.

Focus on the Beat

Audio Branded (B&O): Your favorite music, as it’s meant to be heard Get in, put your favorite music on and get ready to be wowed! § Whatever your taste in music, it deserves to sound as the artist intended. Focus comes in B&O speakers; having that said you are sure to experience soulful sound quality with impressive clarity given that B&O is famous for its high-end audio products. So, brace yourself for a swanky ride! § This premium level 675-watt audio system delivers a rich, powerful sound via a 10-speaker, woofer and subwoofer inclusive set-up. This advanced technology has been specifically designed, developed and fine-tuned for Focus by B&O’s specialist acousticians. So, turn the music up and enjoy an exclusive in-cabin concert.

All new Interior: Generous head, leg & elbow room

Extraordinarily spacious interior. An ultra-modern and spacious cabin. Premium materials and finishes throughout.

Exterior Features

Focus on Design

An exterior that turns heads, making it hard to focus on any other car on the street. Focus with its astonishing athletic and aerodynamic design perfectly captures attention.

Focus on the Road

Clearer vision for you and for others A useful night-driving aid, Auto High Beam temporarily dips headlights when it detects oncoming traffic or a vehicle ahead, preventing you from dazzling other drivers. It then automatically reverts back to high beam, giving you maximum visibility. § Headlights that help you see around corners Adaptive Lighting with Ford Dynamic LED headlights aren’t just striking; they’re smart. A series of LEDs deliver a precise light pattern and their intensely bright natural light provides exceptional illumination. Daytime running lights are also included.

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