EcoBoost 1000cc Free Service


Dear valued customers

Today we announce the start of a free service campaign that will cover some vehicles equipped with the EcoBoost 1000cc engine to replace the engine oil pump belt and tensioner.

1. Vehicles covered by the campaign:

  • Focus 2016 to 2018 models
  • Some EcoSport 2018 models
  • Some Fiesta 2018 models

2. What’s Next:

The Consumer Protection Agency has been notified, and we are now in the process of counting applicable customers and their contact information to prepare the implementation time frame. In parallel, coordination is being made with Ford Motor Co. to provide the necessary parts for replacement.

3. Important information:

  • Ford has made technical modifications to the highlighted parts, and what will be done in this free service campaign is replacing the affected parts with new modified ones.
  • Some 1000cc EcoBoost vehicles will need this replacement, while others were produced at the factory with modified parts already and will not require any work.
  • This free service takes a full working day to complete, so customers who deliver the affected vehicle at the beginning of the first day will receive it at the end of the next business day.

4. Customers Covered:

We ask all our customers to contact the AutoJameel Call Center Hotline 19590 to update their vehicle and contact information, following which our customer relations department will contact customers to determine the process and appropriate time, to allow the maintenance department to do the necessary work.

The priority will be to set appointments for customers who call and update their data. Our Call Center is the sole entity authorised to make reservations to organize the implementation of this campaign, and to ensure the best service to our customers.

If you own any of the above mentioned vehicles, please call us at the earliest convenience to update your customer contact information and check if your vehicle is covered by this free service campaign, and if need be, book a service appointment.

AutoJameel Hotline 19590

9AM till 9PM, 7 days a week

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